Global Shipping Service

We deliver your packages from one place to another in no time. Gtouch Security and Logistics has grown to be one of the region's most trusted, reliable companies in the global shipping field. Our state-of-the-art technology infrastructure also allows for multiple rescheduling opportunities to suit the customer's needs. We guarantee same day and next-day delivery within US and Canada. We guarantee 2-4days delivery in other countries.

Our Benefits

Our 100% successful delivery and security target ensures that we continue to provide best services in items delivery and security.

  • Logistic services
  • Door to door delivery
  • Reliable services
  • Fast delivery services
  • Worldwide coverage

Contact Us

  • 3785 N Federal Highway Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA.
  • Fax : +1 614 288 2205
    Tel : 888-220-0499
  • Email :
  • Mon - Sat: 8AM - 7PM